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Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day. Oregon voters must drop off their ballots before 8 pm at a drop box today. It is too late to mail your ballot.

You can find more information about where drop boxes are below.

The Voter’s Guide front page. Did you get this in the mail?

This information is only to help you find important information about voting in Oregon.

Please contact me immediately if you have any questions or problems with this information.

Get help with your vote

After you vote

  • Ask your friends, family, and community if they voted. Maybe you can help them understand why this is important!

Learn: How does the US elect a president?

  • In this video, you can learn about the 2 parts of the election for president, why it takes a long time, what the electoral college is, and why it is different from the popular vote.

More Important Dates for the November 2020 election:

Ballot Box
An example Official Ballot Drop Site
  • October 22nd: If you have not received your ballot in the mail, call your elections office.
  • October 27th: Last day to safely mail your vote by US Mail
  • Nov 3rd: Election Day. If you have not mailed or returned your ballot to an official ballot drop site by 8 pm, your vote will not count.
  • Nov 23rd: Oregon certifies the election results. That means there may be a lot of counting, re-counting, and waiting before then…

I am collecting and sharing this information from the Oregon Secretary of State’s site and from Multnomah County Elections. I am not an elections officer, nor am I a lawyer. Please check this information early, and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Voter Registration in Oregon (online) – Remember, you must be a citizen of the United States to register to vote
  • Check your registration – Make sure the address is correct and there aren’t any mistakes. It is a good idea to check before an important election.
  • Voter’s Guide – This usually comes to every house in Oregon. It has information from all the candidates and political parties.
  • Oregon Election Offices – If you need a new ballot or have other problems, you can find your county office and phone number here

2020 Election Video: Registration Deadline

How to Register to Vote in Oregon Online

In this video, I show you how you can register to vote in Oregon, if you are a new Oregon voter.

If you need to check or update your information, use the next video: How to Check your Registration Information.

How to register to vote in oregon – online from Eric Dodson on Vimeo.

How to Check your Registration Information in Oregon Online

How to check your voter registration in oregon 2020 from Eric Dodson on Vimeo.