Week 1 – Thursday: Leaders and More!

What is your name?

My name is Eric.

Do you want to legally change your name?

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Reading and Civics: Leaders

Congress has two parts: the Senate and the House.

The leader of the House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House.

Official portrait of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, photographed January 11, 2019 in the Office of the Speaker in the United States Capitol.

Right now, the Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi, from California.

What is the name of the Speaker of the House now? –> Nancy Pelosi

The highest court in the United States is the Supreme Court.

The leader of the Supreme Court is called the Chief Justice.

Swearing in of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Right now, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is John Roberts.

Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now? –> John Roberts

The leader of the federal government is the president.

The leader of our state is called the governor.

Governor Kate Brown

Right now, the governor of Oregon is Kate Brown.

Who is the Governor of your state now? –> Kate Brown

Every state has two senators who go to Washington D.C.

Oregon’s senators are Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

Who is one of your state’s US Senators now? –> Ron Wyden or Jeff Merkley

Each state also has representatives.

Some states have more representatives because they have more people.

Oregon has 5 representatives.

The representative for Portland is Earl Blumenauer.

The representative for Beaverton and Washington County is Suzanne Bonamici.

Name your US Representative. –> Earl Blumenauer (Portland), Suzanne Bonamici (Beaverton and Washington County)

What are 2 ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? –> Vote and Call your Representative

More information: Finishing Registration and Getting a Free Book!

We have one final step for registration. In June, can you make an appointment to come to SOAR’s office in Portland or Hillsboro to finish the registration?

This class is free because we get money from the government. So, we have to collect information to show our students are real. 😊

If you can come to our office and help us with this information, you can get a free book with 186 pages of practice for reading, writing, and civics information!

We ask for this information:

  • Your contact information
  • A copy of your green card (we can make a copy at the office)
  • Your signature if you agree to participate in our classes

We also have an English reading test.

You can call (503) 384-2482 to make an appointment. You can pick up the papers, and finish them in the parking lot (if you drove). You can keep physical distance from other people. Please wear a mask when you come.

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