Week 11: Tuesday Summer 2020

Review N400 Vocabulary

Oath of Citizenship

When a legal permanent resident becomes a citizen, they usually take an oath of citizenship. They come to USCIS or the court. They usually wear formal clothes.

The oath has many parts. In this class, we will practice the simple version of the oath. The real oath is more complicated.

I swear that I will not be loyal to any other country.

This means that your number one loyalty is for the United States. If you love your home country, you can continue to love it.

If you have to choose between the United States and your home country, this means the United States comes first.

I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

The Constitution is the form of government of the United States. This means you agree with the supreme law of the land. You agree to follow the laws.

I will defend the U.S. from enemies outside and inside the U.S.

In a time of war, the United States has enemies from other countries. Sometimes there are terrorists or other enemies inside the United States.

I will bear arms, carry a gun or fight, for the United States if asked.

Men age 18 to 26 must register for selective service. If there is a war, the United States may choose some young men to join the military.

If you are not a man age 18 to 26, this part is only an “if.” You can agree with this part, and it does not affect you.

I will do non-combative work for the military if asked.

This is also about the selective service for men 18-26. Some men do not want to fight because of their religion. The government asks those men to help with jobs that do not require fighting.

I will do important work for the country if asked.

This is also about the selective service for men 18-26. Some men cannot help the military because of their religion.

In World War 1 and 2, some men helped do other important work for the country. They helped fight fires. They helped feed hungry people.

I take this oath freely and without any doubts.

The last part of the oath means that you, and only you, really want to become a citizen. Freely means that this is your free choice.

Without any doubts means that you are 100% sure about your decision. It is very difficult to change your mind after you become a citizen.