Week 8 – Thursday Class

Civics Questions – A New Country

  1. The Declaration of Independence said “the United States is free!”
  2. The new United States fought the British military.
Washington Crossing the Potomac, George Caleb Bingham
  1. George Washington was the military leader for the United States. We call him “the father of our country.”
  2. After the war, George Washington was the first president.
  3. Benjamin Franklin also helped the new United States. He was a U.S. diplomat.
  4. The new country needed new laws, so the leaders wrote the Constitution.

Can you answer the civics questions about this information?

N400 Questions 22-28

  1. Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested?
  2. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason?
  3. Have you EVER been charged with committing, attempting to commit, or assisting in committing a crime or offense?
  4. Have you EVER been convicted of a crime or offense?
  5. Have you EVER been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example, Yes No diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)?
  6. Have you EVER received a suspended sentence, been placed on probation, or been paroled?
  7. Have you EVER been in jail or prison?