Week 9: Thursday – Summer 2020

Warmup: National Leaders

Reading + Civics

The job of president is really difficult. However, the president has a lot of help and support. One person who works with the president is the Vice President.

The Vice President is also from the same political party as the President. Sometimes the President can no longer serve. That means the president may retire, get sick, or even die.

If the President can no longer serve, who becomes President? –> The Vice President

Official portrait of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, photographed January 11, 2019 in the Office of the Speaker in the United States Capitol.

The constitution has a plan for a lot of different situations. It is really important to have a president, because they are the commander in chief.

So, if the both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, the Speaker of the House will become the new president.

If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President? –> The Speaker of the House

The President is in charge of the Executive branch, so they have many people who work with them. The most important helpers are the Cabinet.

The Cabinet is a group of 16 people who help the President. The President chooses the Cabinet members. The Senate can say “yes” or “no” to the President’s choices.

What does the President’s Cabinet do? –> Helps the president

Each person in the Cabinet is in charge of one department or part of the executive branch. The Vice President is also a member of the Cabinet.

Other Cabinet-level positions include:

Secretary of Agriculture ▪ Secretary of Commerce ▪ Secretary of Defense ▪ Secretary of Education ▪ Secretary of Energy ▪ Secretary of Health and Human Services ▪ Secretary of Homeland Security ▪ Secretary of Housing and Urban Development ▪ Secretary of the Interior ▪ Secretary of Labor ▪ Secretary of State ▪ Secretary of Transportation ▪ Secretary of the Treasury ▪ Secretary of Veterans Affairs ▪ Attorney General

What are two Cabinet-level positions? –> Secretary of State and Vice President

N-400 Part 12: 30F-32

Review past vocabulary:

  1. Have you EVER helped anyone to enter, or try to enter, the United States illegally?
  2. Have you EVER gambled illegally or received income from illegal gambling?
  3. Have you EVER failed to support your dependents or to pay alimony?
  4. Have you EVER made any misrepresentation to obtain any public benefit in the United States?
  5. Have you EVER given any U.S. Government officials any information or documentation that was false, fraudulent, or misleading?
  6. Have you EVER lied to any U.S. Government officials to gain entry or admission into the United States or to gain immigration benefits while in the United States?