Example Interview: Marcos Torres (USCIS Video)

In this example video, we can see Marcos Torres in part of his citizenship interview.

What questions do you think the officer will ask him? Make a list ✍

When you watch the video, listen to the officer’s questions and Marco’s answers. What do you think: Is he doing good? Bad? So-so?

If you have more time, you can answer these questions, too:

  1. What is the officer’s first question?
  2. In the office, she asks him to take an oath. What does she say?
    1. Do you swear or affirm that the statements you give today will be the ________, the whole ________, and nothing but the ________?
  3. To take the oath: What does he do? What does he say?
  4. What should you say if you don’t understand something?
  5. What questions did you hear the officer ask?
  6. How do you think Marco feels?

You can watch the video from minute 5:12 to 8:30.

After you watch

Do you agree that Marco did a good job? Why do you think so?

What questions did you hear?

  1. What is your name?
  2. And have you used any other names?
  3. Do you want to legally change your name?
  4. I need to see your lawful permanent resident card, all of your passports, and your state-issued identification, please.
  5. What is your date of birth?
  6. And where were you born?
  7. Are you a citizen of ____?
  8. Are either of your parents US Citizens?
  9. Are you currently single, married, divorced, or widowed?
  10. And where are you currently living?
  11. Where are you working?
  12. When was your last trip outside the United States?
  13. Do you remember the date you returned to the United States?