Practice Interview: Antonio Paz

N-400 Practice: Antonio Paz

Watch part of Antonio’s interview.

What do you think: Did he do great? Terrible? So-so?

What questions did you hear? Did you hear the most important question?

Eric’s favorite question is:Excuse me, can you explain that?

This is only an example. This is only part of an interview.

After you watch

What questions did you hear?

  1. What’s your full legal name?
  2. What is your marital status? Are you married? Single? Divorced? Widowed?
  3. How many times have you been married?
  4. Was your wife born in the US?
  5. Who is your wife’s employer?
  6. Do you have children?
  7. Were they born in the US? / Was she born in the US?
  8. Where do your children live? / Where does your child live?
  9. Have you spent any time outside the United States since you became a permanent resident?